About Us

What We Believe

Racism in private schools is inexcusable. Help us fight to protect these kids.

Our History

In the summer of 2020, Alumni for Change was formed by alumni of Anchorage Christian Schools. After seeing the racist responses of their former teachers in regards to the murder of George Floyd, the Alumni began to take action. They publicized racist experiences of students past and present, wrote and presented legislation to Alaskan legislators, and conducted outreach to local educators and community leaders. The Alumni for Change saw that the need for an organization devoted to ending racism in American private schools was dire. We are now the Black Sheep Initiative we are devoted to fighting racism in private schools—across Alaska and nationwide.

Mission Statement

Create a racist free environment for students in private schools by providing support for BIPOC students as well as guidance and resources for school administrations.

Vision Statement

That American private school students have an anti-racist education in a racism free environment.


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